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..... Sahar Raman Deep

Sunday, July 31, 2016


What did I know that Christ will come as Mohammad this time?

Poor Women!!!

Men and women are two different species...worlds apart from each other! The way they both think, feel and respond are so different. (I am talking about the instinctive nature, not the well rationalized intellectualism.) I can understand when men say that a woman can never be understood. (Well, women, in that case, seem to be smarter! They never complain. Or, is it that they never had a voice?)

Poor men, how can they understand the workings of a woman's mind? They are created different, with a different chemistry, a different biology, a different logic, and certainly, with a different sense of geography. And the world knows, what geographical disputes may lead to, even among nations! Complete collapse of the system, authority and even the best of policies.

And they blame women!!!

Saturday, July 30, 2016

Babies - The Pure Beings

Babies are so loving that we feel guilty of ourselves for not loving back the same way!!!! What wonderful creations of Mother Nature! So pure! So innocent!!! Exactly the way we were created to live life, with innocence, love and piety!!! Away from any bondage of society or religion, babies belong to the earth. I wish I could become a baby again, and be free of grudges, hatred and anger. I wish I could be Love again... Go back to the state of mind from where I began, gain understanding that the best way to give back is through love, and that hatred can be won with an honestly pure heart!! I wish we could discard all the weapons of destruction, I wish we no more needed the guns, I wish we no more needed to form armies or protect ourselves. I wish we were so innocent that Love itself protected us. We all were friends and did not hurt anyone. I wish we understood religion in their essence and could see the universal in every particular body.

That's like a wish for Utopia which is't unreal.

In fact, such a world exists inside us. We lived and believed in utopia when we were babies. Even as adults, don't we love ourselves? Looking within, we silence every thought that says we are not good, or we are wrong. We encourage ourselves in every way. We care for ourselves, and for those who are extensions of our selves. Just that we could expand ourselves to include the world in us!!! How beautiful!!!


Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Someone Help Me Find Myself....

Someone help me
Find myself...
I am lost.

I am lost
At the threshold of life
I am lost
At the doorstep of love
I can't find myself
I can't see myself
Towards the infinite
I have stopped

My vision has become blurred
I am in abyss
I need someone
Who knows the Self
Who knows
What life is
What it is like
To love without conditions

I know you are there
I know you are
You are
Holding my hand
So as not to let lose
In you I see
The only hope
Of love and life
You are not just a name
Or a body
But a feeling
Deep rooted in the soul....
I seek you
I seek myself
We are one
One Whole!!!

... Sahar RD
March 22, 201