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..... Sahar Raman Deep

Wednesday, December 9, 2015


It's a distant memory
Years old.
No... Decades old!

In fact,
Ages old!

I didn't know you.
You were a stranger.
So was I...
An alien to myself.

When you came,
It was a sudden
Flood of Light.
...I got washed away.

When my eyes adjusted
To the new flash
You were standing there
As if
An angel had descended from heaven.
For the first time ever
I saw myself,
A new knowledge dawned...
I am.

I was still rejoicing
When the light faded away
And I was left
Standing alone in the abyss.

Millenniums later,
I stand still
Still at the same place,
In wonder,
Awe struck
Tears flowing through my eyes,
Lips as if rose,
And mind as if breeze!

I do not miss you.
You are no different.
I see my reflection,
I dance,
And I blush,
As if ,
You just kissed my lips.

....Sahar Raman Deep.

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