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..... Sahar Raman Deep

Monday, December 14, 2015


Deep within, there is an ocean- ocean of Love! Dive, dive into your own Love and experience the vastness of what is You. Expand like there is no horizon, and become a tiny point, tinier than an atom, in the center of your forehead. Experience the charisma, experience the magic, experience the Whole for yourself.

Every journey, however long, begins with the first step. That one step not taken, no one ever reaches anywhere. The journey of the soul, unlike every other journey, is not a journey in time and space. Though it takes time to reach where one must go, and the body is also sitting in space. But, consciousness is free of these limits. It is said that the mind travels faster than anything else. Now it is here, caressing my hair, in a moment it is with stars, likening their light to my hair!  If such is the freedom of our consciousness at this mundane level, imagine what it would be like in the realm where there are no limitations, no boundaries, no hindrances!

Let's sit together, me and me and chat like friends for a while. Then, like lovers whose souls are one, sit in silence and enjoy the Atman (Self).

....Sahar Raman Deep

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