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Monday, December 14, 2015

Comprehending the Highest State of Consciousness

Sometimes we want to say something, but do not have words. Such are the deep seated emotions in our heart! Language fails us. The fact is that the abilities of language are so limited. We think in binaries.... Hot or cold, white or black, light or dark! Do we ever think of something which is both hot and cold? Or some color which is white as well as black? Our imagination no longer works for us!

My question, in fact, is that in the deep states of consciousness, which are also the highest ones, there are no binaries. It is all at the same time, universal- in the sense that everything is, nothing is not. So, light and darkness exist together, it's stillness and movement at the same time, senses do not work, yet are sharper than ever! How do we define this state?

Allegories and other symbols have been used since old ages, yet one thing is stressed to fully comprehend the highest state of consciousness... Experience!!!

....Sahar RD

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