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..... Sahar Raman Deep

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Celebrating Life

Why is it that poetry today is so full of sadness? It feels like no one is or has ever seen an easy day! Everyone is talking about a broken heart, unrequited love, not cared for emotions, treachery, dishonesty, unfaithfulness and know not what other negative emotions. Is this all that we have come to? Is there no hope for us? Is it all so dark?

I am more concerned about these questions for the fact that poetry in particular, and literature in general is the mirror of the society. If everybody is crying foul, who is to blame? Everybody is a victim, who is the victimizer? Have we become so engrossed with ourselves and our issues that we no longer care who the oppressor is and are taking pride in the blame game? The truth is that it is so fashionable to stand in the line of those who suffer that no one cares to introspect if he himself is not the suppressor.

Well, victim and the victimizer are both a part of our personalities. If at some point we are suffering because of someone, at the same time we are also responsible for someone else's suffering. At the same time, while I do not deny the darker side of human prodigy, I do wonder if the brighter side is altogether missing!

I once wrote on this blog that we should postpone our deaths for a little while and live for the moment. All I wanted to say was that lets stop looking at the forthcoming end and be negative. Let's begin to look at the good things and enjoy what is. There is misery, no doubt, but there is not 'only' misery. There are happy moments too. Let's celebrate them, and celebrate our lives.

.... Sahar Raman Deep

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