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..... Sahar Raman Deep

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

A Poem

Only a poem can come out of nothing.. It is made of emotions, and emotions r always there!

..... Sahar Raman Deep

Saturday, December 26, 2015

Celebrating Life

Why is it that poetry today is so full of sadness? It feels like no one is or has ever seen an easy day! Everyone is talking about a broken heart, unrequited love, not cared for emotions, treachery, dishonesty, unfaithfulness and know not what other negative emotions. Is this all that we have come to? Is there no hope for us? Is it all so dark?

I am more concerned about these questions for the fact that poetry in particular, and literature in general is the mirror of the society. If everybody is crying foul, who is to blame? Everybody is a victim, who is the victimizer? Have we become so engrossed with ourselves and our issues that we no longer care who the oppressor is and are taking pride in the blame game? The truth is that it is so fashionable to stand in the line of those who suffer that no one cares to introspect if he himself is not the suppressor.

Well, victim and the victimizer are both a part of our personalities. If at some point we are suffering because of someone, at the same time we are also responsible for someone else's suffering. At the same time, while I do not deny the darker side of human prodigy, I do wonder if the brighter side is altogether missing!

I once wrote on this blog that we should postpone our deaths for a little while and live for the moment. All I wanted to say was that lets stop looking at the forthcoming end and be negative. Let's begin to look at the good things and enjoy what is. There is misery, no doubt, but there is not 'only' misery. There are happy moments too. Let's celebrate them, and celebrate our lives.

.... Sahar Raman Deep

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Silence and Thought

If a person is silent, it doesn't mean that he is not thinking. In fact, the opposite is true. While the mouth is not speaking, the mind is talking to itself. The more the mind thinks, the more the person is observant and sensitive. The more observant one is, more he is likely to learn new things. It all depends on his focus. He may focus on good things, for example creation; or he may become destructive.  The important thing is to think.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his woods fill up with snow. 

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year. 

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake. 
The only other sound's the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake. 

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep. 

.... Robert Frost



Creating something new is like child birth; not everyone can take the labor pain!

... Sahar RD

Words and Poems

Many a beautiful poems are lost in language.... Not that the words do not exist, but that they don't exist for the mind!

... Sahar Raman Deep

Thursday, December 17, 2015

Great Quotes ....4

When you talk, you are only repeating what you already know. But if you listen, you may learn something new.

.... Dalai Lama

A Matter of Faith

A story goes like this....

Once there was a drought and people of the city decided to gather at the local temple and pray for rain. Almost everyone from the town came, but only one child came with an umbrella!

Such is the faith! Do we have it?

Often we resolve to think positive. For example, I will win the lottery today. Yet, when we go to the store, we buy the cheapest ticket, so as to not 'lose' a lot of money. We are again not thinking of gaining. And, as the luck eventually proves that it was on our side, we repent, we should have invested more, may be a bigger prize would have been ours!

We don't even believe in ourselves. We do not need any proof of being us. How can we even think of having faith in God whose existence we are not even sure of?

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Great Quotes... 3

You will not be punished for your anger,  you will be punished by your anger.

.... Gautam Buddha

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

A Wish

O Love!
I don't want to
Cling to You...
I just want to
Hold the experience
Of oneness and expansion
Close to my heart
Ever and forever
Which I have
We are together....

Monday, December 14, 2015

Great Quotes....2

Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.

..... Albert Einstein


Deep within, there is an ocean- ocean of Love! Dive, dive into your own Love and experience the vastness of what is You. Expand like there is no horizon, and become a tiny point, tinier than an atom, in the center of your forehead. Experience the charisma, experience the magic, experience the Whole for yourself.

Every journey, however long, begins with the first step. That one step not taken, no one ever reaches anywhere. The journey of the soul, unlike every other journey, is not a journey in time and space. Though it takes time to reach where one must go, and the body is also sitting in space. But, consciousness is free of these limits. It is said that the mind travels faster than anything else. Now it is here, caressing my hair, in a moment it is with stars, likening their light to my hair!  If such is the freedom of our consciousness at this mundane level, imagine what it would be like in the realm where there are no limitations, no boundaries, no hindrances!

Let's sit together, me and me and chat like friends for a while. Then, like lovers whose souls are one, sit in silence and enjoy the Atman (Self).

....Sahar Raman Deep

Comprehending the Highest State of Consciousness

Sometimes we want to say something, but do not have words. Such are the deep seated emotions in our heart! Language fails us. The fact is that the abilities of language are so limited. We think in binaries.... Hot or cold, white or black, light or dark! Do we ever think of something which is both hot and cold? Or some color which is white as well as black? Our imagination no longer works for us!

My question, in fact, is that in the deep states of consciousness, which are also the highest ones, there are no binaries. It is all at the same time, universal- in the sense that everything is, nothing is not. So, light and darkness exist together, it's stillness and movement at the same time, senses do not work, yet are sharper than ever! How do we define this state?

Allegories and other symbols have been used since old ages, yet one thing is stressed to fully comprehend the highest state of consciousness... Experience!!!

....Sahar RD

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Will I Achieve Something?

Its just a thought...not only mine but of most of us. The mind asks, "Will I be anything one day?"

And my answer to this is... "No".

One can only be something 'today'. If I am not able to be someone today, I cannot ever be. All I have is today, tomorrow never comes. Past is gone, future is yet to be. All these sayings go together. So the only valid thing I can ask myself is... "What can I be today?" The first thing I can do every morning is to ask myself this question. Next thing I may do is to decide for it, and strive whole day to make it work. I cannot say to myself that I will be th president of the US today! But yes, if I take small steps today in this direction, I certainly can be the president one day. And my goal shall be to, meet ten people today...only one step at q time.

The second thing that is important is that I end my day with a similar question...did I do today what I was supposed to do? If yes, congratulations! And the next question is.. How could I have done better?; and a resolution of using the newly acquired understanding and knowledge where ever required from now onwards. If the answer to the original question asked in the evening is a no, then the next question could be...where did I lack? What could I have done better? and instead of feeling like a failure and blaming myself, I should look for some parts of my morning resolution which were filled, or partially filled. It will give me a confidence, and a hope. It also shall provide as the stepping stone for the next day's work... And I will keep going!

So can you! It's not difficult, but easier said than done, because it needs a certain level of commitment, focus and discipline. But what can we lose in giving it a try?

... Sahar Raman Deep


There is
No sign of your name
Far and beyond...
Yet yesterday,
You were
A deity.

You were worshipped
By one and all
You were worshipped
By moon and stars
There was no one
Who didn't like you
Doesn't matter today
You are nothing
Despite you.

Such are
The ups and downs
Such are
The shades and suns!
O beloved of the past!
Today is like
A broken yacht.
You are not to blame
In this world
Gratitude is a shame
The public memory so small
Even the Greatness falls!

Yet you are peaceful
In your thought
You did the right
Even if they forgot
Tears may be
In your eyes
But your heart
Is satisfied
This is what
Means the most
Even if the world is lost.

.... Sahar Raman Deep

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Grain of Sand

It's a small world...
Smaller than the word 'I'.
And I am
But a grain of sand!

... Sahar Raman Deep


It's a distant memory
Years old.
No... Decades old!

In fact,
Ages old!

I didn't know you.
You were a stranger.
So was I...
An alien to myself.

When you came,
It was a sudden
Flood of Light.
...I got washed away.

When my eyes adjusted
To the new flash
You were standing there
As if
An angel had descended from heaven.
For the first time ever
I saw myself,
A new knowledge dawned...
I am.

I was still rejoicing
When the light faded away
And I was left
Standing alone in the abyss.

Millenniums later,
I stand still
Still at the same place,
In wonder,
Awe struck
Tears flowing through my eyes,
Lips as if rose,
And mind as if breeze!

I do not miss you.
You are no different.
I see my reflection,
I dance,
And I blush,
As if ,
You just kissed my lips.

....Sahar Raman Deep.

Musings.... 12

The only person better than you can be you.


Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Most of the time, one is in darkness. One doesn't know what his or her blessings are, what r the strong points and sometimes, even what has been accomplished! We keep on running, running and running. All that we are focused on is running.... No goal in sight, no planning, no direction! We are like a dry leaf flowing with the wind. This is what happens when we fall from our glory!

Friends, come! Let's rise and reclaim the place which has always been our own! Let's be us... Not a drop of water in a desert!

Sahar Raman Deep

A moment...!

A moment is
What it takes
And from nowhere
Life springs ...!

A moment is
What it takes
And all of a sudden
There is love!

A moment is
What it takes
And lo!
It's light.

A moment is
What it takes
And see!
The flower blooms.

A moment is
What it takes
And alas!
All turns to nothingness.

Such is the blessing!
Such is the fate!

Sahar Raman Deep
Dec. 08, 2015

Monday, October 12, 2015

Acchoh Ehsaas.... 16

Awaaza de harh vicho
Chunani Mai awaaz teri
Dassi kera
Pehchaan teri

Awaaza de harh vicho
Cchanke j kidhre sannata
Pehchaan layee oh
Saah meri....

Kitaab 'Acchoh Ehsaas' vicho

.....Sahar Raman Deep

Acchoh Ehsaas..... 15

Mere shabdo sunne bol ve
Aa sun lai beh k kol ve
Shayad tu samajh sake
Mai dil rakh ditta phol k

Takkee keraa naina de vich
Sukke hanjhu cchalkan ge
Cchooh k Dekhi hath ik veraa
Dil ch samundar ucchlan ge
Azmaayee Dekhi ban jau moti
Hanjh tali te dol k
Shayad tu samajh sake
Mai dil rakh ditta phol k
Mere shabdo sunne bol ve

Sun la k kann dil di dharkan
Dharat hatkore lai rhi
Sun mere saahaa di tarpan
Jeo sati koi ho rhi
Rakh k vekh pairh te pairh
Aapna aapa ghol k
Shayad tu samajh sake
Mai dil rakh ditta phol k
Mere shabdo sunne bol ve

....Sahar Raman Deep

Achoh Ehsaas.... 9

Ikk kahani
Utthadi hai bar bar
Zehan de vich
Milna te gummna
Te pa laina vichhore de vich
Ki ese nu ishaq kehnde ne?
Ja ishaq to vadh k
Koi hor cheez
Paak hai eh....

Lakhaan var mai jammi
Te mo gayee tainu labhdi labhdi
Lakhaan var tu aayeaa
Te anni hoi tainu takkdi takkdi
Ik var v seene naal ghutt k
Tainu dil da haal suna na saki
Ki ehi hai reet?
Ya reet ton v vadh k
Kattarh dastoor hai koi...

Farak bahuta nhi teri meri kahani da
Na tainu mai mili
Na mil sakeya mainu tu
Par pata nahi kyo jaapdae
Karorha janam tak v
Kar sakdi ha intzaar
Toofan vich deeve lai ban sakdi ha deewar
Ki ese nu aitbaar kehnde ne?
Aas to v takrhi 
Koi zanjeer hai eh...

Kitaab 'Acchoh Ehsaas' vicho

....Sahar Raman Deep

Achoh Ehsaas.... 7

Hazaaraan vareyaan ton dekhdi aa rhi haa
Kujh v nhi badleya
Kujh v taa nhi badleya

Jadon janam hoyeya c
Tera te mera
Asi dohe ikko jehe saa
Ikko kadd de

Varhe guzarde gaye
Mai te tu vadde hunde gaye
Tera kadd vadhada gaya
Mai takkdi rhi
Mera v kadd vadh reha hai

Tu vadda ho gaya
Barha samajhdaar ban gaya
Tere nal Mai v vaddi hoi
Mai barhi sohni ho gayee
Tu balwaan ho gaya
Mai phull ban gayee
Tu Ram kahayaa
Mai Agni preekhyaa de ditti

Tu mainu barha pyaar ditta
Mai dhee ban k Teri goli bani rahi
Tu mera barha saath ditta
Mai tainu rakhdi bannadi rhi

Tu mainu Lakshmi banayeyaa
Mai tenu deotaa kehndi rhi 
Mai tainu janam ditta
Tu meri pooja kiti

Waqt hor guzreya
Tu saadh ho gaya
Tu maitho maa hon da
Haq hi khoh leya
Mai Menka ban gayee

Waqt thora hor guzreya
Tu chann te ja baitha
Te main Menka v na rhi
Meri bas gicchi reh gayee
Te badan.....

Kitaab 'Acchoh Ehsaas' vicho

....Sahar Raman Deep

Talking to You.....

I thought of something today.
I thought of writing today,
Thought that I will talk to you.

I do not know who you are
You are?... Or just a name you are!
A mystery is you to me
Still I thought I shall talk to you.

Long time ago
I had seen you.
I had seen a flash of you.
Or, had I seen you?
Still a mystery, but
I thought I will talk to you.

You are as I am
Nobody knows I am
But I know I am
So do you know..'I Am'.
What is You, I Am.

Dec. 24, 2013.

Dil Tujhe Hasna Padega.....

Kyo rota hai dil
Kyu musukurate hai honth
Meri mano to
Ye aaiynaa dekhna chhorhiye

Jo aks dil me hai
Use chehre par pakne do
Phir muskuraoge bhi to
Dil ko hasna padega..


Achoh Ehsaas.... 1


Achoh Ehsaas.... Mukhband by Prof. Gurtaran Singh

Achoh Ehsaas

Hello Friends... Just felt like sharing my book 'Acchoh Ehsaas' with you. To begin with, I am today publishing its front and back titles. Daily, I shall publish a poem or two from this book. I hope you enjoy.

Thank you.

Sahar Raman Deep.

Finding Myself!

March 30, 2013.

Always I thought I wanted to be myself! Myself? I was looking for myself:) MYSELF!

Strange.. Where was I looking for myself? Why was I looking for myself? And yet, constantly fighting with myself! Never did it occur to me, I need to accept myself before I could make myself reveal myself. After all, I am within me!

Such a simple thing.. And so easily overlooked.

It was on Friday last, that I decided to work on myself. I had continuously being working. But now, I could stop and think, what actually was required. For long, I had been running and running and running. And never realized I was running. Long back, I would often see me running breathlessly in my dreams, as if somebody, something were chasing me. I would run and run and run.. And slow down when my mind would. Or, when anxieties would start calming down, and I wake up refreshed. Even those dreams would not make me think, for I would start running as soon as I woke up. My mind never stopped, never thought.

You can either think or swim. I wasn't thinking, and I wasn't swimming. I dint know how to! Yet I thought I was doing both.

Then there came this time,when my anxieties brought me to the breaking point.  My feet stopped walking in 2005. Still, I ran. My mind did. I do not know what it wanted to accomplish. Perhaps, it wanted to cover the whole universe in one stride! Then failures. And frustrations... Try again, try again, try again. Then came a point, I could not even try again. Almost dead, wanted to kill myself. Depression. Panic. But mind ran. Still it wanted to ascend high. It ran. I slept, became inert, was bed ridden. It ran. Medicines could not stop me. They just lulled me temporarily. Even in that lull, I ran. I wanted to run. Chains gave me more frustration. Wanted to break them. I wanted to be free. To run. To stride. Even in chains I jumped, standing at the same place. Life came to a standstill. But I ran. I ran and ran and ran. Until I realized, I ran.

Last month, I thought I was alright now. I was not bedridden. I could walk. I had started walking. I decided to run. I had never stopped. So, here I go! I had rested enough. Now was the time I should catch up with the world. With all my zeal, I ran. Breathlessly, I ran. Haplessly, I ran. All I knew was, it is far where I have to reach. I dint know the way. I had not the means. I ran. I wanted money. I wanted the world. I dint want myself. I wanted others. Their approval. Their happiness. They wanted me to earn. So, I ran. They wanted me to support myself. I ran. It was after all my own good. I ran. One sane voice always warned me. Told me to relax. I dint listen. It warned me again. No, I want to move, tell me how to. It ignored me. I asked again. No answer. Are you there? No answer. Do you hear me? No answer. You don't listen to me deliberately. No answer. You don't want to guide me. No answer. You promised to guide me. No answer. You CHEAT!!! No answer. Frustrated, I ran. All alone, I ran.

And lo.. I fall. I cry. I want to die. O my god. I was getting well. O! I would have been alright soon. Those around me dint support me. I wanted to please them. I need to get well. I need my life. I need myself. I need myself. I broke. I need myself. That sane voice rose again. 'Buy some time.' How? I haven't got anything. You got your people. They will help you. No. I don't want to be a burden on anyone. I want to be independent. It sucks to ask for favors. I can do it myself. And I ran. I struggled. I strived. I argued. No response. I need you. I am there. No, you aren't. Silence! Are you there? Are you there? I need you. Where are you? Where are you? Come on now, speak. Talk to me! Where are you? I need you. I can't survive without you. I am nothing without you. I do not exist without you. Come, speak to me. Talk to me. Please come. Please.

Ok.. I will do whatever you want me to. I will. Believe me. I will. I listened. Deep dark silence. Oh, where are you? Have you finally left me? No. I screamed out of sheer terror. Nothing like what I had known ever before. No. It can't be so. It can't be so. I caaaaan't be.

I listened to myself. Oh no. Oh no. What will I do. What will I do now. Where am I. Where am I. Oh I am already dying. Where are you? Please. Please. Please talk to me. Be with me.


Oh! My eyes glowed out of all tears. You are there. You are there. I held it tightly. I held it close to me. I held it close to my heart. I feel so war..? Warm? Where is the warmth? Why do I feel so cold? It is cold. Oh yes, it IS cold. But why? Soon, I was alone. Wondering. Why? Why are you so cold? Why were you so cold? Are you there? Have you left? Did you come? You dint come. You never did. All my cries could not call you back.

Hu... I see. Tears flowing like river, I closed my eyes. The river ran. Ran and ran. Until I sobbed. I fell asleep. I sobbed. There is no where to go. I sobbed. Where shall I go. I sobbed. I can't move. I sobbed. How can I go away from you. I sobbed. I can't. I sobbed. Actually, you moved already. I sobbed. I can't catch you. I sobbed. I can't. I sobbed. Come back. That plea. That last plea, and I sank. Come back. I decided to take my own course. I will move anyhow. I turned my eyes away. Started to rise. Turned me feet away, and the first step! Where am I going? That familiar pang of panic. I looked back. There was nothing. There was no one. All desert. All sand. Dry sand. And my tears. I turned back. Sat down slowly. I can't go anywhere. Where will I? Oh. I thought. For the first time ever, perhaps. Oh I can't go. But I can't even catch up with you. As if I became a statue. What should I do. I? I.. I will WAIT.

Wait? Yes. I resolved. I will wait until you come back. And if there is no coming back ever? Another pang. I was still. I will still wait. Are you sure? Yes. I submitted.

Anxieties started to move away. There was nothing to be done. So I rested. I calmed myself. I looked into the abyss. Nothing yet to be seen! After what it seemed like years, I saw again. Centuries passed, I looked again. Millenniums! Ages! Oh, I waited. I became sand. I became dust. I burnt. I melted and became water. I evaporated in air. I got lost in the sky. I waited. And, I rose. I felt myself returning. I smiled. No more cries. Just calm flow of tears. Of joy. Of satisfaction.

Yet, a long way to go. No more rejections of self. No more rejections of myself. No more rejections of my follies. No more over excitements. I felt peace coming in for the first time. No more effort. Let things happen. Things are actually happening. I accept myself as I am. With all my weaknesses, with all my badness and with all the good in me. Yes, I am. I am. You are. Oh.. You are. I find you in my soul. I find you. I find you.

I am now Complete. Whole!

... Sahar


Ik lo ha mai
Roshan te nigghi
Mitti de dhur andar baldi
Us nu zinda rakhdi

Rakh batti hai
Mai nhi
Bujhan to pehla
Anant deeve
roshan kar sakdi ha....

... Sahar
Jan. 23, 2013.

इक लो हां मैं
रौशन ते िनघ्घी
मिट्टी दे धुर अंदर बलदी
उस नूं िज़न्दा रक्खदी

राख़ बत्ती है
मैं नहीं
बुझण तों पहिलां
अनन्त दीवे रौशन कर सकदी हां...

Ik Khushak Soch da Safar.....

इक खुष्क सोच दा सफ़र िकन्ना सुहावणा हुन्दा ए
जज़बात तां अक्सर ख़ून च िभज्जे रहिन्दे ने...


Ik khushak soch da safar kinna suhavna hunda e
Jazbaat ta aksar khoon ch bhijje rehnde ne...

Ehsaas Tera!

रौशनी तों हौल़ा
पौणां तों ठंडा
साहां तों िनग्घा
एहसास तेरा
मेरे अछोह एहसासां नूं
छूह गया कुझ इंझ
िजवें बाल होंठ कोई
पहिली वार
माँ दीयाँ दुध्दीयाँ नूं जा छून्दे नें!

Dec. 28,  2012.

Roshni to haula

Pauna to thanda
Saaha to niggha
Ehsaas tera
Mere acchoh ehsaasa nu
Cchooh gaya kujh injh
Jive baal honth koi
Pehli vaar
Ma diya duddhiya nu ja cchoohnde ne!


Badlaa/ Change

सोना िपघले िशंगार बणदा
लोहा तपके हिथयार हुन्दा
नारी तपके बे-ख़ौफ़ होवे
अक्ख चुक्के तां भुचाल हुन्दा
ख़ुद जलके रौशन करदी लो
भड़के तां बम्बार हुन्दा
डुब्ब जाण जे नूरी सागर ने
छलकण तां तूफ़ान हुन्दा
कच्च तां आिखर कच्च ही है
चुभ जावे लहू लुहाण हुन्दा
Dec. 21, 2012.

Sona pighle shingaar banda
Loha tap k hathiyar hunda
Naari tap k bekhauf hove
Akh chukke ta bhuchaal hunda
Khud jal k roshan kardi lo
Bharhke ta bambaar hunda
Dubb jaan j noori sagar ne
Cchalkan ta toofan hunda
Kach ta akhir kach hi hai
Chubh jave lahoo luhaan hunda!


Sun ve Pooran...

पर्ीत दा चोगा पाई िफ़रदैं
मत्थे तिलक लवाई िफ़रदैं
सुण वे पूर्ण 
सुण वे भगता
वफ़ा नूं कलंक बुलाई िफ़रदैं 

तूं वी चल्ल ते मैं वी देखां
िकहड़ा रब्ब मनाई िफ़रदैं 

िकधरे लूणा िकधरे सुंदरां
मिट्टी िवच िमलाई िफ़रदैं 

रूप, जोबन दी गल्ल न करदी
क़ुदरत नूं ठुकराई िफ़रदैं

किस कम्म दा सन्यास वे तेरा
लोक दी ख़ता लुकाई िफ़रदैं 

सज्जरी सध्धर क़त्ल सी होई
लोथ नूं ताज बणाई िफ़रदैं  


Preet da chola pai firdae
Mathe tilak lavai firdae
Sun ve puran
Sun ve bhagta
Vafaa nu kalank bulai firdae

Tu v chall te Mai v dekha
Kehra rabb manai firdae

Kidhre loona kidhre sundra
Mitti vich Milai firdae

Roop, Joban di gall na kardi
Kudrat nu thukrai firdae

Kis Kam da sanyas ve tera
Lok di khata Lukai firdae

Sajjari saddhar Katal si hoi
Loth nu taj banai firdae

Khaure Ambreen Ki Hoeya....

इक हालों बेहाल दिल रोएया
ख़ौरे अम्बरीं की होएया
सागर दी अक्ख िवच हँझू
िसम िसम ज़खम बंद होएया

टुट्टदे तारे तों जद मन्नत मंगी
धरती दा सीना जल मोएया

पित्तयाँ दे परां नूं पेचे
रुक्ख बेचारा खूँ होएया

शेर दे पंजे कंडा चुिभया
जंगल सारा कंपन होएया

माँ दे दुद्ध िवच ज़हर जो आई
माँ वी मोई, बच्चा मोएया़ ....!


Pyaar (Love)

'तैनूं पता वी है प्यार की हुंदा है?'
नही..... ओह डौर भौर उस वल्ल देखण लग पई।
ओह हैरान होया। आपणी पत्नी दीयाँ अक्खाँ िवचली मोह दी तंद उस लई काफ़ी नहीं सी। ओह कुछ होर वी चाहुंदा सी।
उसदी मसूिमयत पति दीयाँ सवाल भरीयाँ नज़रां च जवाब तलाषण लग्गी। उस तक्किया, इक परत खिझ, इक परत ग़ुस्सा,़ इक परत प्यार, इक परत सोच..... पल भर विच्च किन्ने ही रंग एहना अक्खाँ विच्च दी लँघ गये। पर होठाँ दी मुस्कुराहट नहीं हिल्ली!
ओह कुझ न समझ पाई। छू के पढ़न दी कोशिश कीती। आपणे नरम पोटियाँ हेठ उसदा सख़्त मत्था उसनू नदी दे सीने कंकड़ वांग चुभिया। िमट्ठी जिही पीड़ नाल पलकां झुका दंदां हेठ थल्लड़ला बुल्ल नप्प ओह मुस्कुरा पई। पता नहीं की कहिणा हुण इसने? जानण लई प्यार नाल उसदे चिहरे वल्लy तक्कण लग्गी।
'प्यार क़ुरबानी है!' मध्धम जिही अवाज़ विच उस गंभीरता नाल किहा। ..... ते ओह ठहाका मारके ताज़ा खिड़े फुल्ल वाँगू हस्स पई।
डौर भौर होण दी वारी हुण उसदी सी।