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Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is Life Worth Living?

Hey Friends, Happy Dawn!

A question is popping up in my mind today... In fact, it often does! What do you think... Is life worth living?

There are so many miseries, so much suffering and so much frustration...still we linger on! Nobody ever thinks that life should be ended, and those who do think like that, we call them 'depressed' or mentally ill and we recommend them to see a therapist or a psychiatrist. We constantly enforce ourselves to live, live and live...and propogate the same for others. (Whether we actually live and let live is yet another question.)

But,WHY should we live? Just because we are scared of death, because death is still a mystery. Because we do not know what shall happen to us after we die, or, shall anything happen at all? We may just annihilate.

Well, here do we strike the note...we may ANNIHILATE!

As a living creature, as a living entity, we are a Being, in a constant process of being, conscious and awake. And, we love to be awake! We are in the habit of 'light', even if we talk at a very gross level. In broad day light, we feel safe and comfortable, we enjoy the colors, we enjoy the sun, we love to see ourselves in mirror, or otherwise. All this is only a reflection of light. The moment we close the eyes, or the light disappears, or we are unable to see anything, anyone...a sense of fear, of insecurity, of anxiety silently and unnoticiably creeps into our minds. This period of darkness continues, we feel sad, get depressed, and at times, just cease to be. The inner consciousness is felt to be leaving us. And, when there is no more consciousness, it's death, and who knows, it can be annihilation as well!

But what if we never let the light of inner consciousness go dim! What if we close our eyes and do not get panicked! What if fear and anxiety leave us completely, and we are no more scared of  getting reduced to nothingness! Shall we even then crave for living? Or, should we? And if we don't, why should we live?

There are two situations in which we do not crave to live....

1. We are sad, life is dark and dull, and no excitement is left.

2. We are very happy, we love life, enjoy it, drink every drop of life with such excitement that it is the first one, and the last one, too! We are in bliss, the inner light is so bright that darkness of death cannot even touch our being. We live, live and live, and love and are so satisfied at the core of heart, that nothing matters...life or death.

In either case, why should we live and not die? Why should we find life worth living?

When we came here, we found certain circumstances, certain issues which dominated the world...and now, we see, with efforts of different people, the situations are better, or worse. But we long for the better, and who is going to make things better for us? Someone who sits by our side in bus or train, or someone we meet on the street?

You know the answer, none can change our world, we have to. When we were young, were incapable of handling our issues or even ourselves, there were many people around us, our parents, family and friends, even strangers sometimes, who helped us to be what we are. Some of us found peace and happiness, others were not so lucky. Do those unfortunate people not have any right to what they deserve?

You will agree, they have the right and being born, they are meant to be happy. Then, who is going to lead them to happiness? I am sure you understand what I want to say....!

Yes, I think, life is worth living. Happy new beginning! Happy Dawn!