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Monday, December 12, 2011

Inner Peace and Success

In this competitive world, where everyone is in a hurry and wants to overtake the other, where relationships are losing their meanings and family system is breaking, where humans are isolated from each other and minds are trapped in their own mazes, what you crave for but do not find is a place where you can find peace, where you can sit for sometime and relax and get relieved of the stress you are living with. Isn't it true?

These days, a sense of belongingness is lacking in  the hearts of men and women. Everyone looks at him or herself as an individual, not as a part of the whole. On the top of it, there is that sense of financial insecurity, fear of losing the job, thirst to excel at work place....in precise, there is an instinct to survive in this world and desire to make it big in life! And, in all this mess, where to  find peace? Whom to relate to, given that we don't even relate to ourselves completely?

The best answer to these questions is that sit in a corner of your heart, observe the hurry that everyone is in and lough out aloud at your condition and those of people near you.  How easy is it! isn't it?


I would say... NO. To laugh out loud from the core of your heart, you need to develop a relationship with your self. To do that, you need to know who really are you. Is it your name? Your body? Your Profession? Your needs and desires? Or is it your so called pride of " This is ME." Have you ever asked yourself these questions? If not, then do it now...... sit in the corner of you heart, and ask "Who am I?" This is the first step towards inner peace...and eventually, Success.

                                                                        Raman Deep  Sahar.

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